How Berceau Magique increased their conversion rate by 40%

thanks to their customers' videos

Berceau Magique was looking for a simple and authentic way to show young parents and their children using their products in real life.

The site wanted to take its video content strategy to the next level to improve engagement and the user experience on its digital platforms.

The goal: create reassuring and relatable videos to drive engagement on social media and boost conversions on their product pages.

  • 150+

    Videos created by customers

  • +40%

    Increase in conversion rate

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Seeing the products in action in the hands of a child is really reassuring for our customers. A video can convey things that don’t necessarily come across in a written review. And because children don’t lie, you can tell right away whether they like the product or not.

Anaïs Perreau, Marketing Manager